About Us

Trans Form Plastics is a leading supplier of custom vacuum and pressure formed parts. Projects and customers typically include the Electronic industry, Medical Device Manufacturers, Analytical Instrumentation, and Industrial Equipment Manufacturers. Our experience ranges from simple, single component parts to complex projects and assemblies. Trans Form offers new product design consultation and assistance in material selection. We understand and partner with you to obtain substantial production efficiencies. Our team will work with you to deliver competitively priced finished components on agreed upon deadlines and budgets.

Whether it’s a thin gauge or heavy gauge application, one inch in size or up to eight feet, Trans Form has the technical “know-how” to support the inception of an idea, foresee possible challenges, and provide solutions that work for a smooth transition to production, with reliability and satisfaction for you.


  • Scheduled Deliveries And Ship-to-Stock Programs
  • Expert Design Consultation And Material Selection Assistance!
  • Ready To Serve The Needs Of Our Clients Throughout New England
  • High-end Custom Thermoforming At Competitive Pricing That You’ll Be Proud To Put Your Name On