Whether it’s a thin gauge or heavy gauge application, one inch in size or up to eight feet, Trans Form has the technical “know-how” to support the inception of an idea, foresee possible challenges, and provide solutions that work for a smooth transition to production, with reliability and satisfaction for you.


Benefits of working with us
• Scheduled Deliveries and Ship- to- Stock Programs
• Expert Design Consultation and Material Selection Assistance!
• Ready to Serve the Needs of our Clients Throughout New England
• High-end CustomThermoforming at Competitive Pricing that You’ll be Proud to put Your Name on

From pressure forming and sheet fabrication to strip/ line bending , TransForm Plastics can deliver a wide variety of functional and aesthetic parts for your custom requirements.
• Housings for Medical, Scientific and Electronic Instrumentation
• Machine Covers, Panels and Doors
• Material and PC Board Handling Trays
• Industrial Machine Covers
• Machine Components and Guards
• Protective and Dust Covers
• Line Bent High Voltage Guards